To activate model functions, read a file with the "Model/Read model" menu item or select the model tool (linked components icon). A new window will open with settings for components and links.

Bshow model

An image with a model with different kinds of components

Mouse controls:

Clicking the left mouse button in an empty region on the image creates a new component. Clicking it close to a component will select that component. Only one component is selected at any time. A component can be dragged within the xy plane. To move a component up or down slices, use the "u" or "d" keys, respectively.

To jump to the selected component, use the "s" key.

Clicking the right mouse button in an empty region creates a link from the last selected component. If there is no component selected, nothing will happen. Clicking close to an existing component creates a link from the last selected component to that one.

To delete a component, hold down the shift key and click the left button on the component. All links associated with the component will also be deleted.

To delete a link, hold the shift key and click the right button close to the link.

Saving and reading models:

The model of components and links can be saved in a model file with the menu option "Model/Write model" and read back with the menu option "Model/Read model ". The formats acceptable for models are a STAR oir XML format with model tags, molecular files and Chimera model files (cmm).