Mac OS X

Prerequisite: Tcl/Tk

Apple ceased updating the system Tcl/Tk, which means it has to be compiled before Bsoft installation. Make sure the latest Xcode is installed.

Download latest 8.6 versions of tlc and tk from

Unpack it anywhere where it is convenient:

		tar xzvf tcl8.6.13-src.tar.gz
		tar xzvf tk8.6.13-src.tar.gz

In each of the unpacked directories, run the following:

		cd macosx
		sudo make install

Preferred installation:

The preferred installation is from the binary distribution. If you have to compile the source code, it gets more complicated (see Compiling Bsoft).


Compiled for Intel x86_64 under Mac OS X 13.2 (Ventura):


Compiled for Intel ARM 64 under Mac OS X 13.1 (Ventura):


Install in the default location:

Double-click on the dmg file - this will mount the disk image.

Double-click on the pkg file - this will launch the Mac installer.

Follow the installation instructions from the installer. The command line programs will install in /usr/local/bsoft, while Bshow and Brun will install in /Applications

Download and install in a different place


Compiled for Intel x86_64 under Mac OS X 13.2 (Ventura):


Change to the installation directory:

		cd /usr/local

Unpack the distribution:

		tar xzvf bsoft2_1_4_OSX_10_18.tgz

Set up the environment

Launch a terminal and set up the environment:


Test that it runs: