Managed distributed processing

Peach was developed to allow the user to launch multiple jobs on a distributed cluster composed of different platforms and capabilities. Peach is described and available from the web site below and will only briefly be covered here:

The setup explained above can be used, where Peach is installed on the common disk as:

The only further environmental setup is to add the "PEACH" variable to the resource file and include it in the "PATH" variable:

setenv PEACH ${PROGS}/Peach
setenv PATH ${PEACH}:$PATH

Peach controls its own environmental variables, and these are specified in the .Peachpath file in the Peach directory. Here is an example of what such a file need to look like:

# .Peachpath
# type in all required enviromental variables needed for running programs on the
 respective systems

$ENV{PATH} = "./:/bin:/usr/bin:/common_disk/Darwin/bsoft32/bin:/common_disk/Darwin/bsoft/bin";
$ENV{BPARAM} = "/common_disk/Darwin/bsoft/parameters/";
$ENV{DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH} = "/common_disk/Darwin/bsoft32/lib:/common_disk/Darwin/bsoft/lib:";

Linux i686:
$ENV{PATH} = "./:/bin:/usr/bin:/common_disk/Linux/bsoft32/bin";
$ENV{BPARAM} = "/common_disk/Linux/bsoft32/parameters/";
$ENV{LD_LIBRARY_PATH} = "/common_disk/Linux/bsoft32/lib";

Linux x86_64:
$ENV{PATH} = "./:/bin:/usr/bin:/common_disk/Linux/bsoft/bin";
$ENV{BPARAM} = "/common_disk/Linux/bsoft/parameters/";
$ENV{LD_LIBRARY_PATH} = "/common_disk/Linux/bsoft/lib";

$ENV{PATH} = "./:/bin:/usr/bin:/common_disk/IRIX64/bsoft/bin:";
$ENV{BPARAM} = "/common_disk/IRIX64/bsoft/parameters/";
$ENV{LD_LIBRARY_PATH} = "/common_disk/IRIX64/bsoft/lib";
$ENV{LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH} = "/common_disk/IRIX64/bsoft32/lib";
$ENV{LD_LIBRARY64_PATH} = "/common_disk/IRIX64/bsoft/lib";

$ENV{PATH} = "./:/bin:/usr/bin:/common_disk/OSF1/bsoft/bin";
$ENV{BPARAM} = "/common_disk/OSF1/bsoft/parameters/";
$ENV{LD_LIBRARY_PATH} = "/common_disk/OSF1/bsoft/lib";