Primary Bsoft papers

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Radon package

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Peach distributed processing system

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Method development in Bsoft

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Other methods used in Bsoft

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Use of Bsoft

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Software coopted in Bsoft


Frigo M and Johnson SG (1997) The Fastest Fourier Transform in the West. MIT-LCS-TR-728 (September 1997)

Frigo M and Johnson SG (1998) FFTW: An adaptive software architecture for the FFT. In Proceedings of the ICASSP eds.), p. 1381.

Frigo M (1999) A fast fourier transform compiler. In Proceedings of the Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation eds.), ACM SIGPLAN, Atlanta, Georgia.

FFTW 2.1.5 is distributed with Bsoft before version 2 and is compiled as default. FFTW 3.x must be compiled externally and linked during compilation.



Aldus (1992) TIFF revision 6.0. Aldus Corporation, Seattle, Washington.







libxml2 is required for XML format parameter files.



Electron event representation is included.