Tomogram reconstruction

The reconstruction is done in Fourier space with the same algorithm as used for single particle analysis. The amount of memory required is determined by the frequency space reconstruction volume. Roughly, 20 times the size of the tomogram is needed. Exceeding this will impede all operations and the computer may have to be restarted. At the start of the program, an estimated memory requirement is calculated and checked if there is enough memory on the computer. If not, the program will abort.

btomrec -verb 1,tim -size 2048,2048,256 -scale 0.5 -resol 6 -CTF flip -rescale 0,1 -trans full -edge 2 -rec RS1_G6_01_rec.mrc -out


Most tilt series are taken at a pixel size that is much more ambitious than the final detail in the tomogram. The tomogram can therefore be calculated at a smaller scale, with the advantage of being faster and taking less storage space

The CTF correction is done for tilted images prior to incorporating each micrograph into the 3D volume