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My Family Health History

Check your risk for certain common diseases in your family

Manage your data

Save Data

- So you can use and update it later (do not use browser menu “save”)

Share Data

- Save for use by a family member

Start Over

- Delete all unsaved data and restart with new data, or load saved data

Edit your family and health histories

Add a Family Member

- Add another family member and enter their health information.

Click Update History in the table below to make changes to a family member’s information and health history.

Click Remove History in the table below to remove a family member and their data.

Remember to click the “Save Data” button above if you want to save your changes for future use.

Name Relationship to Me Update History Remove Relative

Loading Risk Assessment Tools...
Loading Risk Assessment Tools...

Update My Family History

On this screen you can:

You can Also:

Disclaimer: The Surgeon General's My Family Health Portrait tool does NOT allow the government or other entities to access your information. The tool provides the software for organizing your information, but your information is not transmitted back to government or other servers and can only be downloaded by you. Your information is never available to anyone else, unless you choose to share it. The Surgeon General's tool does not provide medical advice. For questions related to family health history and your health, talk to your doctor.