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Created: 4/8/2011 9:23:39 AM
Modified: 7/3/2019 3:18:30 PM
DEFINITION:<br/>Specifies the link between an extraction (performed substance extraction) of a biologic product and the administration (performed substance administration) of that biologic product. <br/><br/>EXAMPLE(S):<br/><br/>OTHER NAME(S):<br/><br/>NOTE(S):<br/>
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Map:HCTv1.0=CDE 2675075:DONOR'.What type of donor was used for this hematopoietic stem cell transplant?
Map:HCTv1.0=CDE 2897753:Anatomic Structure, System, or Substance.Specify tissue donor type:
Map:HCTv1.0=CDE 2675073:Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) : Part 1 of 4.If there has been more than one hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, what was the type of the most recent previous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation?
Map:HCTv1.0=CDE 2730905:Therapy Doses.Was a particular hematopoietic stem cell source used?
Map:HCTv1.0=CDE 2889035:Anatomic Structure, System, or Substance.What kind of non-NMDP donor type is it?
Map:HCTv1.0=CDE 2730901:Therapy Doses.What source was used for the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation?
Notes: DEFINITION:<br/>A coded value specifying the kind of donor that is used.<br/><br/>EXAMPLE(S):<br/>Syngeneic, HLA-identical sibling, HLA-matched other relative, HLA-mismatched relative, Unrelated donor<br/><br/>OTHER NAME(S):<br/><br/>NOTE(S):<br/>
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Map:HCTv1.0=CDE 2957417:Techniques.What was the HSC source for the last HSCT?
Map:HCTv1.0=CDE 2815342:Therapies.What is the subsequent HSCT transplant type?
Map:HCTv1.0=CDE 2957396:Therapy Doses.What was (were) the prior HSC source(s)?
Map:HCTv1.0=MD Anderson Specific Content: Product.Autologous product
Map:HCTv1.0=MD Anderson Specific Content: Product.Allogeneic
Map:HCTv1.0=CDE 2761889:DONOR'.Autologous HSCT?
Map:HCTv1.0=CDE 2771526:Therapies.What was the HSC source?
Notes: DEFINITION:<br/>A coded value specifying the self-relationship of the source to the target. <br/><br/>EXAMPLE(S):<br/>Autologous (self), Allogeneic-related, Allogeneic Unrelated <br/><br/>OTHER NAME(S):<br/><br/>NOTE(S):<br/>This is not a familial relationship.<br/>
Element Source Role Target Role
Name: producedSubstanceExtractionAdministrationRelationship
Name: usingPerformedSubstanceAdministration
DESCRIPTION:<br/>Each SubstanceExtractionAdministrationRelationship might be producing a substance later used in one PerformedSubstanceAdministration.  Each PerformedSubstanceAdministration might be using a substance produced by one or more SubstanceExtractionAdministrationRelationship.<br/><br/>DEFINITION:<br/><br/>EXAMPLE(S):<br/><br/>OTHER NAME(S):<br/><br/>NOTE(S):<br/><br/>
Name: usedSubstanceExtractionAdministrationRelationship
Name: producingPerformedSubstanceExtraction
DESCRIPTION:<br/>Each SubstanceExtractionAdministrationRelationship always uses a substance produced by one PerformedSubstanceExtraction.  Each PerformedSubstanceExtraction might be producing a substance later used in one SubstanceExtractionAdministrationRelationship.<br/><br/>DEFINITION:<br/><br/>EXAMPLE(S):<br/><br/>OTHER NAME(S):<br/><br/>NOTE(S):<br/><br/>
Tag Value
Map:HCTv1.0 CDE 2761889:DONOR'.Autologous HSCT?