: Public Note
Created: 10/21/2016 1:47:42 PM
Modified: 4/1/2019 10:33:56 AM
View description:<br/>This view shows the BRIDG classes and attributes that represent CDISC's SDTM v3.1.3 and PGx r1.0 standard variables. All variables are represented except for those deemed "implementation specific" during the harmonization process.<br/><br/>The domains that are included in this view are:  <br/>SDTM IGv3.1.3: AE, CE, CM, CO, DA, DM, DS, DV, EG, EX, FA, IE, LB, MB, MH, MS, PC, PE, PP, QS, RS, SC, SE, SU, SV, TA, TE, TI, TR, TS, TU, TV, TS<br/>PGx IGv1.0: BE, BS, PB PF, PT, RELSPEC, SB<br/><br/>To see a detailed list of the mappings for each SDTM variable to BRIDG, please see the BRIDG Mapping Spreadsheet, which is part of each BRIDG Release Package, on bridgmodel.nci.nih.gov.<br/><br/>BRIDG Website:  bridgmodel.nci.nih.gov<br/><br/><br/>