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Created: 6/20/2016 10:27:35 AM
Modified: 8/26/2017 2:17:59 AM
DEFINITION:<br/>A set of scanning parameter values necessary to perform a single PET scan in the acquisition protocol. [adapted from NEMA XR 25-2010, https://www.nema.org/Standards/Pages/Computed-Tomography-Dose-Check.aspx]<br/><br/>EXAMPLE(S):<br/><br/>OTHER NAME(S):<br/><br/>NOTE(S):<br/>Given that this sub-subclass of  ImagingProcessProtocolElement actually names the process as Acquisition and includes that word in the name of the class, the word Process is omitted from the class name.<br/>
Public IVL<PQ>
Map:DICOM=PET Frame Acquisition Macro - PET Frame Acquisition Sequence > Gantry/Detector Tilt (0018,1120)
Notes: DEFINITION:<br/>Nominal angle of tilt in degrees of the scanning gantry. <br/><br/>EXAMPLE(S):<br/><br/>OTHER NAME(S):<br/><br/>NOTE(S):<br/>The units are of plane angle , e.g. degrees.  Zero degrees means the gantry is not tilted, negative degrees are when the top of the gantry is tilted away from where the table enters the gantry.<br/>
Tag Value
Map:DICOM PET Frame Acquisition Macro - PET Frame Acquisition Sequence (0018,9732)
Object Type Connection Direction Notes
ImagingAcquisitionProtocolElement Class Generalization To DESCRIPTION: Each PETImagingAcquisitionProtocolElement always specializes one ImagingAcquisitionProtocolElement. Each ImagingAcquisitionProtocolElement might be specialized by one PETImagingAcquisitionProtocolElement. DEFINITION: EXAMPLE(S): OTHER NAME(S): NOTE(S):