2. Model Converter

This is the user documentation for the Model Converter module contained in the ICDC-Dataloader utility.

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2.1. Introduction

The Model Converter uses a combination of YAML format schema files, a YAML formatted properties files, and a GraphQL formatted queries file to generate a GraphQL formatted schema. After the GraphQL schema is generated, the Model Converter also generates a simplified, more easily readable version of the GraphQL schema for documentation purposes.

The Model Converter can be found in this Github Repository: ICDC-Dataloader

2.2. Pre-requisites

  • Python 3.6 or newer

2.3. Dependencies

Run pip3 install -r requirements.txt to install dependencies. Or run pip install -r requirements.txt if you are using virtualenv. The dependencies included in requirements.txt are listed below:

  • pyyaml

  • neo4j - version 1.7.6

  • boto3

  • requests

2.4. Inputs

  • YAML formatted schema file(s)

  • A YAML formatted properties file

  • A GraphQL formatted queries file

  • The filepath to be used for the generated output files

2.5. Outputs

  • A GraphQL formatted schema

  • A simplified, more easily readable version of the GraphQL schema for documentation purposes

2.6. Command Line Arguments

  • Schema File(s)

    • The YAML formatted schema file(s) that contain the model specifications used to generate the GraphQL schema.

    • Command: -s/--schema

    • At least one schema file is required. Use multiple –schema arguments (one for each schema file), if more than one schema files are needed

    • Default Value: N/A

  • Properties File

    • The YAML formatted schema properties file for the data model.

    • Command: -p/--prop-file

    • Required

    • Example files can be found under config/ folder, such as config/props-bento-ext.yml for Bento reference implementation, and config/props-ctdc.yml for CTDC etc.

    • Default Value: N/A

  • Query File

    • A GraphQL formatted file containing the schema definition block and query type block. This file will be appended to the end of the generated GraphQL schema.

    • Command: -q/--query-file

    • Required

    • Default Value: N/A

  • Output Filepath

    • The desired filepath of the output GraphQL schema, the simplified schema will have the same filepath as the GraphQL schema with -doc appended to the file name.

    • Command: -o/--output

    • Required

    • Default Value: N/A

2.7. Usage Example

Below is an example command to run the model converter:

model-converter.py --schema schema-file-1.yml --schema schema-file-2.yml --prop-file schema-properties.yml --query-file queries.graphql --output output_folder\data-model-schema.graphql

2.7.1. Example Inputs

  • Schema Files

    • schema-file-1.yml

    • schema-file-2.yml

  • Properties File

    • schema-properties.yml

  • Query File

    • queries.graphql

  • Output Filepath

    • output_folder\data-model-schema.graphql

2.7.2. Example Outputs

  • GraphQL Schema

    • output_folder\data-model-schema.graphql

  • Simplified Documentation Schema

    • output_folder\data-model-schema-doc.graphql