2. Authorization

Service only available for cloud installations of the Bento Framework

2.1. Introduction

The Bento Framework supports role-based access control (RBAC) as a method of enforcing authorization and restricting access to protected or controlled data to authorized users based upon an ascribed role. This enables systematic and reproducible assignment of permissions to facilitate auditing and reduce the potential for error. When a Bento Data Commons is stood up, system owners will need to determine at what level the data will be controlled. This configurability is only available at the time of intializing the system and requires setting fields on both the front-end and the back-end of the Bento web application.


2.2. Terminology

2.2.1. Identity Provider (IdP)

A service that enables a user to login using credentials to establish a user’s identity and pass this information to downstream applications.

2.2.2. Authentication

Establishes “who you are” using information obtained by logging in through an Identity Provider (IdP).

2.2.3. Authorization

Establishes “which data you have access to” with a given application

2.3. Prerequisites

  1. The files that specify the configuration parameters for the Authorization service are stored in the GitHub repositories https://github.com/CBIIT/bento-backend and https://github.com/CBIIT/bento-frontend. Create a local clone of your fork into a local directory, represented in these instructions as $(src).

  2. Configuration parameters for RBAC elements can be specified in the file: $(src)/bento-backend/src/main/resources/application.properties.

  3. Configuration for UI elements can be specified in the file: $(src)/bento-frontend/src/bento/siteWideConfig.js


2.4. Public Access

Currently, public accessibility to data contained within a Bento-based system can be configured at the time of standing up the system. The configuration applies to both unauthenticated users that have not logged in and unauthorized users that have logged in, but have not yet submitted any data access requests and therefore have either no data access or limited data access.

* Acceptable values are Metadata Only or None. The default is Metadata Only. Values are case sensitive. 
Public Access Metadata File Download Release
Metadata Only full access no access v.3.8.0
None no access no access v.3.8.0

2.4.1. Configuring Public Access as “Metadata Only”

* If Public Access is set to "Metadata Only", public users or unauthorized users can see all metadata in the database, but cannot open or download any files.
  1. Edit file: $(src)/bento-backend/src/main/resources/application.properties

  2. Update field: auth.enabled

  1. Edit file $(src)/bento-frontend/src/bento/siteWideConfig.js

  2. Update field: PUBLIC_ACCESS

export  const  PUBLIC_ACCESS  =  'Metadata Only';

2.4.2. Configuring Public Access as “None”

* If public access is set to "none", public users cannot see any data and any attempts to access restricted pages will redirect unauthenticated users to the Login page and unauthorized users to the Data Access Request (DAR) page.
  1. Edit file: $(src)/bento-backend/src/main/resources/application.properties

  2. Update field: auth.enabled

  1. Edit file $(src)/bento-frontend/src/bento/siteWideConfig.js

  2. Update field: PUBLIC_ACCESS

export  const  PUBLIC_ACCESS  =  'None';