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Created: 7/24/2009 12:49:18 PM
Modified: 7/3/2019 3:18:30 PM
DEFINITION:<br/>An administrative activity defined at a global library level that is an action of safekeeping harvested material in a repository or depository.<br/><br/>EXAMPLE(S):<br/>refrigeration, cryopreservation, dehydration<br/><br/>OTHER NAME(S):<br/><br/>NOTE(S):<br/>There is a difference between the act of changing the state of material, which is represented by DefinedMaterialProcessStep, and the act of maintaining state of the material by storing it, which is represented by DefinedMaterialStorage.<br/>
Public ST
Notes: DEFINITION:<br/>A character string that is a revision of the original text of the material storage action to enable the coding of the text.<br/><br/>EXAMPLE(S):<br/>If the original text is "sotre", the nameCodeModifiedText could be set to "store", so that the text can be successfully coded.<br/><br/>OTHER NAME(S):<br/><br/>NOTE(S):<br/>In the context of BRIDG, text modification occurs a single time for a given instance of originalText.<br/>
Constraint Type Status
be participated in by Qualifier Invariant Approved
Associations from Subject (including StudySubject) and ExperimentalUnit are valid for Specimen and Product, not for BiologicEntity, BIologicEntityPart, BiologicEntityGroup, ProductGroup, HealthcareFacility or Organization.<br/>
Object Type Connection Direction Notes
DefinedAdministrativeActivity Class Generalization To DESCRIPTION: Each DefinedSpecimenStorage always specializes one DefinedAdministrativeActivity. Each DefinedAdministrativeActivity might be specialized by one DefinedSpecimenStorage. DEFINITION: EXAMPLE(S): OTHER NAME(S): NOTE(S):