: Public Class
Created: 7/24/2009 7:15:47 PM
Modified: 8/14/2019 1:45:44 AM
DEFINITION:<br/>An administrative activity defined at a global library level that represents a common administrative landmark for a study subject in the course of a study.<br/><br/>EXAMPLE(S):<br/>obtain informed consent, verify eligibility criteria, enroll, registration to a study, randomize, assignment to a treatment arm, start of on-study period, complete study visits, end of on-study period, exit trial, break treatment blind, protocol violation, premature withdrawal<br/><br/>OTHER NAME(S):<br/><br/>NOTE(S):<br/>
Element Source Role Target Role
Name: usingDefinedStudySubjectMilestone
Name: usedDocumentVersion
DESCRIPTION:<br/>Each DefinedStudySubjectMilestone might use one DocumentVersion. Each DocumentVersion might be used for one DefinedStudySubjectMilestone.<br/><br/>DEFINITION:<br/><br/>EXAMPLE(S):<br/><br/>OTHER NAME(S):<br/><br/>NOTE(S):<br/><br/>
Tag Value
Map:C3PRv2.9 ScheduledEpoch.scEpochWorkflowStatus
Map:CTRv1.0 DefinedStudySubjectMilestone
Constraint Type Status
be participated in by Qualifier Invariant Approved
Associations from Subject are valid only for StudySubject. Associations from ExperimentalUnit are not valid.<br/>
Object Type Connection Direction Notes
DefinedAdministrativeActivity Class Generalization To DESCRIPTION: Each DefinedStudySubjectMilestone always specializes one DefinedAdministrativeActivity. Each DefinedAdministrativeActivity might be specialized by one DefinedStudySubjectMilestone. DEFINITION: EXAMPLE(S): OTHER NAME(S): NOTE(S):