6. Relationships among Bento TailoRx node types

Relationships among BENTO_TAILORx node types. Listed are relationships that connect node types in the BENTO_TAILORx conceptual data model, the source and destination nodes for each relationship, and the multiplicity of each relationship.

Relationship Source Destination Multiplicity
of_institution program institution many_to_many
of_program project program many_to_many
of_program study program many_to_many
of_program study_subject program many_to_many
of_program laboratory_procedure program many_to_many
cross_referenced_at study_subject cross_reference_database many_to_many
of_project study_subject project many_to_many
of_study study_subject study many_to_many
of_study_subject sample study_subject many_to_one
of_sample fraction sample many_to_one
of_fraction analyte fraction many_to_one
of_analyte aliquot analyte many_to_one
of_sample analyte sample many_to_one
processed_by aliquot laboratory_procedure many_to_many
processed_by analyte laboratory_procedure many_to_many
processed_by fraction laboratory_procedure many_to_many
processed_by sample laboratory_procedure many_to_many
of_sample report sample one_to_one
of_fraction report fraction one_to_one
of_analyte report analyte one_to_one
of_aliquot report aliquot one_to_one
of_laboratory_procedure report laboratory_procedure one_to_one
of_study_subject demographic_data study_subject one_to_one
of_study_subject exposure study_subject one_to_one
of_study_subject family_medical_history study_subject one_to_one
of_study_subject file study_subject many_to_one
of_sample file sample many_to_one
of_laboratory_procedure file laboratory_procedure many_to_one
of_study file study many_to_one
of_project file project many_to_one
of_program file program many_to_one
of_diagnosis file diagnosis many_to_one
of_diagnosis therapeutic_procedure diagnosis many_to_one
of_diagnosis follow_up diagnosis many_to_one
of_study_subject diagnosis study_subject many_to_one
of_study_subject stratification_factor study_subject one_to_one
of_study_subject follow_up study_subject many_to_one