5. Change Log

5.1. release-4.0.0

June 14, 2023 The release of Bento 4.0 marks a new era for the Bento Framework. The codebase has been entirely refactored so that all frontend elements have been organized into components making it easier than ever for other projects to use and customize any number of components that may fit their needs and even push new features for components back to the Bento codebase to help the broader community.

  • Frontend Refactoring

  • Event logging added to authentication service

  • Support for token-based authentication

  • Upgraded dependencies with known vulnerabilities

  • Stats bar to display important metrics

  • Government warning banner upon entry to application

  • Support for version 3.10.0 for Bento Local on Linux

  • Support for version 4.0.0 for Bento Local on Linux

  • Upgraded to Java version 17

  • Replaced deprecated express-graphql library

  • Replaced the YAML parsing library

  • Updated Bento Documentation

5.2. release-3.10.0

February 24, 2023

  • Disabled users cannot submit additional Data Access Requests

  • Admins can query, view, and share Audit Trails

  • Member & Admin accounts are disabled after 60 days of inactivity

  • Environment variables created for Access Control

  • Jenkins deployments updated to support event logging submodules

  • Event logging added to the Bento-Files service

5.3. release-3.9.0


  • File service returns 401 error for authentication errors

  • Authorization service supports conversion of a non-member role directly to an Admin role

  • Removing an Admin role reinstates previous user access

  • Admin Portal supports conversion of non-member roles to member roles

  • Admin Portal supports enabling and disabling admin roles

  • User Profile page displays pending Data Access Requests for inactive member roles

  • User Profile page disables DAR changes if no additional requests can be submitted

  • System supports session warning timeout for authenticated users

  • UI color palette update for Explore Dashboard

  • Updated footer to meet NCI digtial style criteria

  • Queries migrated to Elasticsearch

5.4. release-3.8.0


  • Authentication service supports multiple Identity Providers (IdPs)

  • IdP availability, icons, and buttons can be configured

  • Authorization service enabled

  • Authorization can be configured to control public access

  • Authorization can be configured at the node-level

  • Data Access Request (DAR) Service to support data access workflows

  • Admin portal to manage users and data access

  • User profile page to enable users to review data access

  • Users can navigate to the DAR form from user profile page

  • Users can navigate to the DAR form from the Files tab

  • Global search results displayed conforms to configured authorization

  • API access to data conforms to configured authorization

  • Application page data conforms to configured authorization

5.5. release-3.7.0


  • Authentication service enabled

  • Google supported as an Identity Provider

  • Lock icons are displayed if unauthenticated user tries to download files

  • Ability to enable or disable authentication

  • Advanced facet filters for number ranges added to Explore Dashboard

5.6. release-3.6.0


  • Elastic Search added to improve performance

    • Support for Global Search of site contents

    • Auto-complete of entered text for Global Search

    • Ability to filter Global Search results and counts

    • Consistent metadata displayed across Global Search categories

    • Magnifying glass for Global Search

    • Global Search results return hyperlinks that redirect to additional details

    • Return of paginated and ordered results from Global Search

  • Support for Local Find for case IDs

    • Auto-complete of entered text for Local Find

    • Ability to enter a list to find a set of cases

    • Static query returned from Local Find parameters

    • Ability to view and modify previously loaded case sets

    • Display of both matched and unmatched entered case IDs in a pop-up window

    • Support for uploading a file to find a set of cases

  • Dynamic query builds upon selection or removal of faceted filters and Local Find results

  • Integration of JBrowse a next-generation genome browser

    • Visualization of bam and vcf files

    • Support for the human genome version hg19

  • Increased compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

  • Mock dataset generator

    • Support for reading ID fields from a config file

    • Compatibility with Docker

  • Bento Code Refactoring

5.7. release-3.2.0


  • Ability to sort and order additional facet values

  • Widget text is configurable

  • Text cutoff(…) for widgets on the Explore Dashboard

  • Default styling for faceted sections

  • Upgraded react-dev-utils from 7.0.5 to 11.0.4

5.8. release-3.0.0


  • Enhanced dashboard filters

  • Ability to filter within a single category

  • Ability to clear all filter search criteria

  • Ability to search using mulitple filters

  • Table Download behavior is configurable

  • System supports direct download of small, document-like files (and the configuration)

  • Scroll Bar Global configuration

  • New Facet Design

  • New design for Dashboard Facet Filter

  • Consistent NPM and Node version

  • New Facet-Sorting Feature

  • New Facet-bubble up Feature

  • New Files Back End Microservice for serving Files using CloudFront

  • Improved search query for consistent behavior

  • Improved high performance filtering queries with GraphQL-Cypher translator

  • Updated use of existing assets URL for with new datacommons-assets

Fixed Issues

  • Table record selection number would only display section for current page not the entire table

  • Add Associated Files button does not persist clickable state

  • Cart Comment Section writes to wrong cell in manifest file if comment contains a new line or comma

  • The files size in the api is not matching the UI screen

  • In the side bar after I click on sort by count , the refresh button disables

  • FE - Performace Issue - Remove unnecessary Network Calls

  • Clear icon to be moved to the left hand-side for consistency

  • FE- Dashboard table pagination - Incorrect Rows per Page

  • Reset option for single category behaves as global reset for sorting functionality.

  • Download button does not change the cursor

  • Borders to be removed from the left side image on the home page

  • Selected rows can be seen even facet dropdown is closed

5.9. release-2.0.1

  • Facet Filter - Updated the facet filter logic to represent updated filters while the user is actively filtering

  • Facet Filter - Now the count in brackets of facet represents the respective facet tabs counts (Filter by samples represent samples count, Filter by files represent files count)

5.10. release-2.0.0

  • Added multiple tabs on Dashboard

  • Added mutliple categories for facet filtering on Dashboard Sidebar

  • Changed Cart Workflow to be file-centric

  • Added Associated Samples table on Case Detail Page

  • Added Associated Files table on Arm Detail Page

  • Improved performance with very large datasets

5.11. release-MVP (v1.0.0)

Initial release